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Only $9.99 per month
Special price: $5.99/month.

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I really love Cake Theater! It gives cake decorators great encouragement.
Cake Theater is totally awesome, loving the site!!! :)
I'm so glad I found you guys. Thanks for creating such a wonderful site for me to showcase my work!
I love this site.
lovelovelove Cake Theater

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Cake Management Enhancements

Crop, rotate, and delete any photo.
Photo Tools
  • Crop, rotate, or delete cake photos.
  • Change a cake's album cover.
  • Forgot a photo? Add a new photo anytime.
  • Hate your cake? Delete it.
Upload a photo and crop your perfect avatar image.
Unlimited Number of Cakes
  • Showcase an unlimited number of cakes.
  • Add even more photos per cake.
Upload a photo and crop your perfect avatar image.
Manage Comments
  • Delete comments that make you ill.
  • Decide who can comment - guests? Members? Pro members?

Profile Enhancements

About Me and Specialties info.
Professional Profile
  • Tell your story with an "About Me" biography.
  • "Specialties" - What's your niche? List what your shop does best.
Interactive map of your location.
Help Customers Find You
  • Interactive map of your location.
  • "Get Directions" link.
Upload a photo and crop your perfect avatar image.
Custom Avatar
  • Can be your face, logo, or favorite cake.
  • Displays alongside your profile and comments.

Promotional & Sales Tools

Allow visitors to contact you about a cake.
Communciate with Customers
  • Get sales leads with "Order a Cake like this" button.
  • Your contact info and website will be listed on each cake page.
Be identified as a Pro Member.
Let Us Toot Your Horn
  • Your listing highlighted in the directory.
  • Your Pro status displayed throughout Cake Theater.
Be Featured by Cake Theater
  • Your cakes showcased in our newsletter.
  • Your cakes broadcasted to our Twitter and RSS followers.

Statistics & Analytics

Crunch the Numbers
  • Keep an eye on trends as your cakes' daily views are charted.
  • See a cake's total views to date.
  • Get the average views per day.
  • Learn how many visitors are clicking your website link.
  • Browse Cake Theater's raw search data: see what visitors are searching for.
Social Media Stats
  • How often has your profile or cakes been shared on Twitter and Facebook?
  • What about Pinterest? And StumbleUpon?
Obsess Over a Cake's Rank
  • See how your cake ranks among your own cakes.
  • See how your cake ranks compared to all cakes on Cake Theater.

Fun Times

Gift a Badge
  • Give badges to a fellow baker as a gift, a shout-out, or "just because".
  • Learn a badge's history and see who has owned it over time.
Exclusive Badges
  • If Cake Theater Pro wasn't exclusive enough already, now you will receive exclusive badges to further distance yourself from the Cake Theater commoners.
A Few More Surprises
  • There's a few more treats still cooking in the oven. In other words "coming soon".

Only $9.99 Special price: $5.99 / month.

Again, there's no risk- if you are not happy with your Pro account during the first month, tell us what isn't working for you. If we can't make things right, we'll give you double your money back.