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Pancake cake with tutorial

Baked May 28, 2012

Pancake cake with tutorial cake
Stack of "pancakes" they are 3-6" cakes covered in buttercream and added flattened "snakes" of fondant after each "log" or "snake" of fondant paint the edges with a mix of vanilla, two drops brown and 3 yellow of edible gel (americolor) continue adding layers of the rolled flatenned fondant and paint, when you get to the top roll a round piece of fondant about 8" and "tuck" in excess to give the "pancake" effect. Paint the top with the vanilla and gel mixture, cut out two pieces of "butter" (yellow square pieces of fondant) and add the "syrup" (pipping gel) mix 2 to 3 drops of Ivory gel color into the pipping gel for the "syrup" color and Voila, PANCAKES :)

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Oh my! AWESOME!!!!
4 years ago
Really cool! I will have to try to make this sometime.
5 years ago