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What cake design is #1 this year? (cake by nubobo)

Trending cake designs 2011

Andy G.

There's nothing like a little raw data to help start the day.

Ok that's not completely true— I prefer coffee— but nonetheless it's been interesting to observe statistics on which Google search terms (and other search engines) are bringing the most traffic to Cake Theater.

For instance, one cake that has attracted a surprising amount of interest is the Owl Birthday Cake by ReneW

I thought to myself, "Why owls?" Are woodland creatures really flying high this year? But sure enough, the past few weeks "Owl birthday" has shot up the charts.

We could speculate on the hows and whys of Owl's success story, but fortunately Google offers tools that shed some light on these nocturnal Strigiformes. I ran some reports on the search term "birthday cake" and found Owl Birthday cakes have seen a 200% increase in interest over the past year.

In addition, as you an see below, Tangled searches have grown tremendously as well. In fact, MSNBC points out Tangled may be the best Disney Movie of all time. Naturally, popular movies and characters carry over to the cake design world.

And clearly if you run a business, cake pops should be on your baking radar (bake-dar).

Tangled movie
Cakes based on Disney's Tangled have been on the rise this year.

Rising searches related to "birthday cake":

  • Tangled birthday cake: over 5,000% increase
  • Birthday cake pops: +1,000%
  • Owl birthday cake: +200%
  • Zebra birthday cake: +50%
  • Minnie Mouse cake: +40%

So, while the list above are clearly the "rising stars" of birthday cakes, it doesn't mean they have been the most popular (although they may continue to rise in popularity this upcoming year). Google again helps us see the most sought-after searches:

Top Search Terms relating to "Birthday Cake"

  1. dog birthday cake
  2. princess cake
  3. ice cream cake
  4. pink birthday cake
  5. mickey mouse cake
  6. cars birthday cake
  7. train birthday cake
  8. birthday flower cake
  9. hello kitty cake
  10. minnie mouse

As you can see, a lot of basic themes like "dog", "cars", "trains", "princess". I didn't expect such a strong showing by Mickey and Minnie, but apparently Disney continues to have a strong influence on cake design.

From time to time, I'll provide more results from research. If you're a business owner, perhaps these trends can help you make design descisions or recommendations to clients. Or if you just like creating cakes for fun at home, you'll get some ideas on what trends you want to follow, or maybe, avoid. As always, we look forward to seeing your creations showcased on Cake Theater!

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