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A personalized wedding dress cake will truly make for a memorable centerpiece. Dress cake created by Samaritan Sweets.

They say when you marry in June...

Emily V.

They say when you marry in June... you'll always be a bride!

(from the musical, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers).

Now, I wasn't married in June but it IS that time of year... wedding season! Depending on your age bracket, you may have been attending quite a few bridal or baby showers recently. Those are great opportunities to discover unique cake creations.

Some shower-throwers get personal by creating a cake as a centerpiece with special meaning. From my own experience as a bride, I can tell you how much this meant to me. A friend's sister who is an experienced baker had secretly scoped out my wedding dress. She then created a (much sweeter) 3D replica and surprised me with it at my shower. The detailing was exquisite down to sugar "sequins" around the waist.

If you are in need of a sweet idea for your soon-to-be-wed friend, this is it! And if you want it to be a surprise, try to find her dress style online (ask one of the bridesmaids for help). The photos on the website usually show multiple angles. A fool-proof way to shape the cake is to use a dress mold.

My particular dress cake was covered with a thin layer of vanilla buttercream icing and topped with marshmallow fondant, but if you've never worked with fondant regular white icing should suffice. However, the fondant gives the dress "material" a smooth, flowing look. The plastic bodice can be purchased at a cake supply store online and covered in fondant as well. This one was a doll bodice (without the arms and head of course). :-)

It wasn't edible but the baker didn't want the plastic to show through. Finally, use a piping tool to shape the straps or add any other details.

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