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Ice Cream Cone Rainbow Cake Bites by SugarSwings.

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Whitney M.

These cake pops are the coolest things I've seen all day ...and it's perfect timing, because today we're talking about cakes that are decorated on the inside! 

Any well-decorated cake has a visual theme

Sometimes it's a topical theme, like Easter eggs or the solar system; sometimes it's purely visual, usually a color scheme and repeated textures. Today's bakers are taking their cakes an extra step, and it's my new favorite thing: the cake's inside echoes the theme of the cake's outside. Basically, the party doesn't end just because you've cut the cake. Want to see what I mean?

Pink Ombre Swirl Cake.
Pink Ombre Swirl Cake by Glorious Treats.

This pink ombre cake is a perfect example. Look how she's matched the outer gradient of frosting to the inner gradient of cake layers. It's a pretty cake, but once cut, it's beautiful.

Here's a Halloween cake that's hilarious, and just the tiniest bit gross, because...guess what color the cake is inside?

Then there's the oh-so-popular rainbow cake. This marbled one is my favorite, but there are also cupcakes, push pop cakes, cakes on a stick, and this ridiculously cute leprechaun trap cake -- an excellent case of the inside enhancing the theme of the outside.

But wait, there's more!

Just in case you thought humdrum solid colors were your only option, I give you...cakes with pictures inside.

Here's one more rainbow cake before we move on to a glut of links from Amanda at i am baker. She is past master at making hidden picture cakes.

More of Amanda's designs:

...AND she provides tutorials for many of these. 

So how about it? Will you be working this trend in your own kitchen?

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Love this!! I hope I can bake the pink one for Taylor and Kylie and maybe the 3 (or 4 if at Susan's house)of us can bake the rainbow (Leprechan trap)cake! Thanks for sharing your blog. It's so much fun. :)
6 years ago
I made a pokeball cake after seeing Amanda's Christmas ornament.
5 years ago