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The Rise of the Bundt

Whitney M.

There really is something beautiful about the simplicity of a bundt. It’s rare to find a type of cake that lets the cake -- not the frosting -- take center stage. Always a classic, this cake is also "having a moment"; you, trendy baker, need to break out your grandmother’s recipes and get bundting.

Obviously, as the best baker in the room, you don’t want your bundt to blend in with the ordinary. The first and easiest way of making a standout bundt is to use a standout pan. For this, I have to point you toward Nordic Ware.

They’ve got the Heritage, they’ve got the Bavaria, they’ve got...well, who needs anything after the Bavaria, really? A Bavaria bundt actually made the cover of the November 2012 issue of Southern Living-- high praise indeed for a simple bundt.

The Color

Next, consider color. A pink lemonade or red velvet bundt makes for a lovely, subtly showy effect. Have fun with marbling if you like, or go all out and make a rainbow cake. Or you could stick with the simple, delicately golden-brown hue that is usually found on a nice edge of yellow cake. Your choice.

The Finish

Now, you’ve baked your bundt. How to finish it? The two classic options are, of course, powdered sugar and glaze...but there is a growing chain of bundt bakeries (yes, really) that often do a starburst frosting over the top, then add some sort of filling or topper to the center.

Some Examples

One big flower:


Many small flowers:

Many small flowers Bundt cake

A Pumpkin:

Pumpkin Bundt cake


Berries Bundt cake

Frosting and Glazing:

Glazed Bundt cake


Tiered Bundt cake


Bundt Mini

Of course we’re all obsessed with miniature cakes these days. Some have suggested packaging mini bundts to give as wedding favors. If you do this, please invite me to your wedding.

Mini bundts instead of a wedding cake:

Mini Bundt cakes

Gift-boxed with fresh roses:

Gift Box Mini Bundt cakes

Wrapped in gauze and pinned with nature:

Mini guaze Bundt cakes


Some recipes to get you started

Apple Butter Cake (with cream cheese filling!)

Cinnamon Roll Cake (for breakfast!)

Mixed Berry Cake

Happy baking!

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