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A window can provide appealing natural light for your photo.

The Importance of Good Cake Photography

Emily V.

During the latest Cake Walk episode, you caught some food (specifically, cake) photography tips.

Appealing images can be your best friends when trying to sell cake designs. People aren't just buying a cake to eat, they are buying into the "art" as well (a delicious combo of "form & function"!)  

This is of utmost importance no matter what type of food you are selling. Your customers may not be able to pinpoint it, but they will be almost sub-consciously drawn to an item simply from the photo composition. You know how talented you are, but if your product photos are "eh", no one else will know how great your cake really looks in person.

These days, many customers make their choices first from a website or even purchase online. If you don't have a brick-and-mortar store, all you have to show for your creations are your photos! 

Here are some tips and resources

Pirate ship cake
At a pirate-themed baby shower, I took a photo of this pirate ship cake near a large glass door.
  • Use natural light. Your on-camera flash won't work to make food look appetizing. The best place is next to a window, indoors.
  • Shoot at an angle to show dimension instead of straight down on top of the cake.
  • Use a photo editing program to add some contrast and lightness if needed (such as Google's free Picasa application) 

The following tutorials are great even for beginners. You may find the tips repetitive, but they will give you an overview of what makes food look yummy on your screen:

Pioneer Woman's "Ten Things I've Learned About Food Photography"

10 Food Photography Tips to Make it Look Tasty

Food Photography Introduction

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