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Slightly more elegant than Little Debbie Christmas Cakes. From Sweet Tooth.

Break Your Baker's Block: Gift Cakes

Whitney M.

Christmas is almost here... yikes!

I'm not quite done with gifts, are you? No? Well then, it's a good thing we're bakers! 

Kitchen-made gifts are a win-win. They're a treat for the recipient, and it's easy for the gift giver (this means you!) to make up a big batch of several gifts at once. You can go with the obvious (cupcakes, cake pops or balls...but you've already thought of those, right?) OR you can read on for a kick start of inspiration.

Piet Mondrian
Surely Mr. Mondrian would enjoy small square cakes.

Mini cakes

For those who love Little Debbie, but want something a bit nicer, check out these lovely quilted cakes!  I love the idea of a small, square cake. It seems like a good canvas for creativity; even better than a cupcake or a full-sized cake, somehow. For a party, you could make up a bunch of cakes like this, ice them in solid colors, and arrange them in a pattern to make one big break-apart picture. (Mondrian, anyone?)

Individual cake slices

Can I just have... a slice?

This pan makes cupcakes, but they're shaped like...wait for it...slices of cake!

It's cake-shaped cake, people. I love the humor in this. Cake-slice cupcakes are a good gift if you want to give someone cake and amuse them at the same time.

Cakes in jars

Piet Mondrian
Red Velvet Cupcakes in jars from Not Martha.

If you haven't already played around with this trend, now's a perfect time. You bake little cupcakes in small Mason jars, frost them, lid them, and add a cute label: done! Check out Not Martha for a great example.

Coffee cake

...Or, instead of jars, you could bake cupcakes in mugs or teacups. That way you'd be giving two gifts: a nice coffee mug or a pretty teacup AND a delicious cupcake made by you. I'm a sucker for theme, so here are some flavors I'd choose for this project:

  • Gingerbread latte cake - top with cream cheese icing and mini gingerbread men.
  • Peppermint mocha cake - poke a peppermint stick through the (vanilla buttercream) frosting and drizzle with ganache.
  • Earl grey cake with or without earl grey icing - bake in a Star Trek mug.
  • Chai latte cake - top with some sort of not-too-sweet icing and a bit of honeycomb.

I hope this gives you some fun ideas. But more than that, I hope you'll be getting into the kitchen soon to make some gifts o' cake! ‘Tis the season, you know.

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super cute idea! I'll keep this in mind for year 'round gifts, too!
5 years ago