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Whitney M.

You've heard of these, right? They're little spheres of cakey goodness dipped in chocolate--not unlike a truffle--and eaten on a stick. Bakerella got this ball rolling awhile back, and now you see cake pops everywhere; parties, potlucks, even Starbucks sells them.

I open at the close. has a great tutorial on how to create these Golden Snitch Butterbeer cake pops.

Ah, but Bakerella yet reigns. Her blog showcases dozens of insanely cute alternatives to the simple sphere.

She's even published a book on the topic.

Mini desserts have been popular for several years now, so it's no surprise that these cute little one-bite creations are the hottest thing going. They can be as simple as little balls of chocolate dipped cake, maybe covered in sprinkles for a bit of festivity... or each one can be a small work of art. Cake pops are a modern, jeans-wearing cousin of the elegant petit four.

Want to make your own?

Here are a couple of recipes:

How fun would it be to make this with your kids, or with a group of friends? Everybody could go crazy decorating their little snacks however they like. Or you could make them into little place holders for a party; maybe write each person's name on a single cake pop, stick that in a cupcake, and sit it on a cute little plate by their chair. Better: forget writing names and make the cake pop actually look like that person's head.

Here's what I've been wondering: if you can shape spheres from this cake/frosting mixture, couldn't you shape... well, anything? Is this like an edible playdough? Can it be used to build dimension onto a full-sized cake? This stuff could have a lot of potential!

Now, hopefully you're all antsy to get into the creative kitchen this weekend. Have fun! and be sure to send us pictures of your work!

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I made some cute cupcake pops a few years ago for a baby shower! They were so much fun and really easy.
6 years ago
These "cake pops" are new to me. But I just may try to create a few...
6 years ago
Aah! My favorites from that 2nd Bakerella link are Mr Potato Head and the bees!
6 years ago