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9 Horrendous Valentines Day cakes... that are actually quite amazing. Just don't do #5.

Andy G.

There's kind of an unwritten rule of Valentine decor. You know the drill– hearts. chocolate. the color red. Now's the time to play it nice and conservative. Right? Or maybe you, being fully confident in your relationship, are willing to take a few steps into uncharted V-Day territory. Well, the following troubling cakes may be for you. Seriously though, some of these are a little disturbing...

1. A Bleeding Heart


2. Honey, you're just a red-shirt to me (Star Trek humor...)


3. Let's actually depict how we'll part


4. Remember the housework you promised? Here's a chocolate reminder.


5. Maybe honesty isn't the best policy.


6. Yes, go on and rick-roll your beloved.


7. Cool idea. Minimal effort.


8. Jabba loves you.


9. Enough with the anatomy!

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